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Neatware Introduction
Player, MCL, ...
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Ladybug2000 is a programmable video player. It includes an integrated video studio, an interactive video player, cinematic transforms, and Neatware Media Control Language (MCL). It is possible to implement a video application such as a vcd player with a MCL program. You can use the MCL transforms to generate cinematic effects for a video. The Studio makes design, edit, and test the MCL program easily. Just a double click on a .mcl icon, you can play a video automatically under the cotrol of your MCL program. Ladybug2000 also provides an interactive player to compatible with the Ladybug98.

In summary, new Ladybug2000 features are:

    1. Integrated Video Studio
    2. Interactive Video Player
    3. Cinematic Transform
    4. Media Control Language


Ladybug2000 Studio includes an editor and a console. It is convenient to edit MCL program and test it. The console can be used to display the execution result and error message. Studio Snapshot


Ladybug2000 provides automatic and interactive mode to play video. The MCL program can be automatically executed just by double clicking its icon. The traditional interactive video player is also provided like the one in the Ladybug98. Player Snapshot


Ladybug2000 can produce the cinematic effects for a video with the transforms in the MCL. Transform Snapshot


Ladybug2000 includes Neatware Media Control Language (MCL) which is a scripting language for video applications. It is a Tool Control Language (Tcl) clone for video computing. MCL consists of the commands. It provides window, video, playback, transform, and other control commands.

Following example is a simple MCL program. The first package command loads the media package of version 1.0. _window command opens a window with title "Ladybug2000 Video Player", width 320 and height 240 in the screen centre. Then _video opens a MPEG video neat.mpg, starts to play it from the beginning to the end by _play command, and closes the video with video_ command. Finally, window_ command closes the window.
	package require media 1.0

	_window {title=Ladybug2000 Video Player 
	  border=normal centre=320 240}

	  _video {name=neat.mpg}


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Home : Last Update: Thu Jul 06 16:02:58 2000
Player, MCL, ...
Neatware Introduction
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