Games on Windows

    Fighting UFO

    Fighting UFO is a game to shot flying objects. Using arrow keys or W, A, S, and D keys for movement and mouse for fire and aiming targets. Fighting UFO is a simple game that can run on low-end 3D graphics cards.

    [Download Demo] (63.7MB)

    Big Calculator

    [Download] (3.8MB file)

    a calculator with big buttons.


    [Download] (3.8MB file)

    a useful admin tool to measure and record the executing time of a program.

    3D Maze

    [Download] (3.8MB file)

    walk out of a maze with multiple levels.

    Dot To Dots

    [Download] (3.8MB file)

    link dots one by one and show a carton. a game for under 3 years old kids.


    Pente [Download] (3.8MB file)