About Neatware

Neatware is a software technology company (ISV) located in Toronto, Canada. Neatware developed innovated technologies and software for video processing, mobile apps, as well as cloud and enterprise applications. Neatware also provides customized solutions and services.

Neatware's customers are world-wide from Canada, USA, to Europe and Asia. They are Enterprises, Small and Middle Business, System Integrators, VARs, Developers and Consumers.

Neatware is Intel's Software Partner and Intel Technology Provider Gold Partner. It is also Microsoft's and IBM's Developer Partner. Neatware's software are available form Apple's App Store, Google's Google Play, and Microsoft's Windows Store.


Neatware's innovative AI Technologies

  • Synaptic Neural Network (SynaNN) innovation AI model on Neuroscience and Probability

  • Synapse Deep Learning SynaNN based learning

Neatware's cutting-edge Video Technologies

  • Video Engine with multi-channel, multi-thread, multi-screen capability

  • Live Streaming Video composition in real-time from HD video, IP Cam, DV, and TV

  • Rich and fast GPU Programmable Shader with Effects

  • Embedded SQL Database for media management

  • Real-time Multi-Camera video capature and processing

Neatware's innovated Mobile Technologies

  • Snaml Engine for content organization, navigation, and browsing.

  • Snaml Book as cloud app organizer for iOS/Android smartphone, tablet, TV

  • Snaml Script for cloud app programming

  • Snaml Carousel for 3D printing model viewer


Neatware's Innovative Software include

Headquarter Office

2900 Warden Ave,
Bridlewood Mall 92006
Toronto, Ontario M1W 3Y8

General: info@neatware.com
Sales: sales@neatware.com
Support: support@neatware.com
Phone: (416)721-9788
Web: www.neatware.com