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1. Review

MyrmecoX Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Internet, Enterprise, and Mobile applications on Web Platform.

  • Web Platform includes clients, servers, and network. Web browser is the unique application to render standard XML documents. Web UI based on XML and Javascript in asynchronious request allows rich UI on browser. On the server site, web server such as Apache provides the link between SQL database and browser through Internet. The scripting languages such as Snaml, PHP, and Tcl can operate and manage web applications.

  • Web Platform provides much more choice for users. The web server can run on Intel, AMD, or other processors. The operating system can be Windows or Linux. The application platforms can be Java, .Net, or MyrmecoX. Many scripting languages, libraries, and SQL database are available.

  • Web Platform is especially suitable for Enterprise and Mobile applications because no complex rich UI is required. Internet, browser, server, XML documents and relational database are base for Enterprise and Mobile applications.

NEATWARE MyrmecoX Studio 4.0 includes Professional, Enterprise, and Mobile Editions. Professional edition is for individual users. Enterprise edition is for a team with client access license (CAL).Mobile edition is pre-installed on a USB storage device and can be used on a mobile environment.

NEATWARE MyrmecoX Studio 4.0 consists of editor, debugger, compiler, profiler, builder, project, and wizard. It supports XAMP Application Stacks for Web application and cross platform deployment. The Windows 64-bit platform is also supported in Tcl engine.

Dynamic Languages

Snaml is an XML generator. Snaml programs include XHTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, and PHP codes for web applications. By using WML developers can apply Snaml for the wireless WAP design. Moreover, Snaml also supports RSS for blog building.

In Web standards, XHTML is a tag language to represent web contents. CSS is a description language for style and layout representation in the XHTML. JavaScript is an object-oriented language for web client controls in web browser. PHP is a scripting language for web server programming.

The typeless languages like Python, Perl, and Tcl are widely used dynamic languages along with the programming languages as C++, Java, and C#.

SQL Database

SQL is the standard and unique language for database programming. SQLite is a typeless SQL database for real-time and embedded applications. MySQL and PostgreSQL are open source database systems. The commercial databases such as Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server are from Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft corporations respectively.

Web Browser and Server

MyrmecoX Studio supports FireFox/IE web browser and Apache 2.0 web server as default.

Application Stacks

MyrmecoX Studio is a powerful tool for the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). You can easily design script codes to control applications such as LabVIEW. You can also write the testing programs rapidly. Moreover, you can program enterprise applications with Web User Interface (WUI).


VMWare provides a service that allows multiple operting systems to run on one hardware platform. Along with VMWare MyrmecoX Studio supports cross-platform applications for Windows, Linux, and TinyOS.

2. WebUI

WebUI is a new approach to explore Web applications. The key technology is to apply the XMLHttpRequest access XML data on the server asynchronously without refresh entire web page.

WebUI engine is located on both client and server side such as FireFox and Apache. JavaScripts run on the browser sent user's action through XMLHttpRequest to server. Then web server feedbacks the XML data from the database to client. The DOM explain and render the XML document. Because the behavior of asynchronization, WebUI feels fast to users.


Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is web development techniques for creating interactive web applications.

The kernel of the AJAX is the XMLHttpReguest that connects a web client and a server. The components of Ajax engine include Extensible / Hypertext Mark-up Language (XML/XHTML) for document, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for data presentation, Document Object Model (DOM) for structure, and JavaScript for client interactive.

On the server side the scripting language such as PHP and SQL database such as SQLite can be applied. New versions of web browsers now support AJAX technology.

Google's GMail and Maps, RSS Feeds are examples of AJAX applications.

The main benefit of using Ajax technologies is that partial web page can be updated quickly. This makes Ajax to work as a GUI possible. Secondly, AJAX technologies are open - almost all web browsers support it. Finally, AJAX does not need plug-in, so it is platform independent.


Neatware's approach for interactive web applications is based on AJAX techniques along with technologies of Snaml Generator, Scripting Languages, and SQL Databases.

Snaml for AJAX applications in the MyrmecoX Studio includes files:

  • mypage.sml - generate script for presentation
  • mycss.css - style control
  • mylib.js - my javascript
  • mysql.db - sql database
  • web.css - common style control
  • web.js - ajax engine with javascript

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