Neatware, established in 1997, is a software technology company located in Great Toronto Area. Neatware developed its innovate technologies and software for mobile application, video processing, and enterprise app development toolkits.

Neatware's customers are world-wide from Canada, USA, to Europe and Asia. They are Large Enterprises, Small and Middle Business, System Integrators, VARs, Developers and Consumers.

Neatware is Intel's Software Partner, Microsoft's and IBM's Developer Partner. Direct River, TigerDirect, and Windows Marketplace are Neatware's distributors. Neatware also collaborated with NVIDIA and AMD on GPU applications.


Neatware's cutting-edge Video Processing Technologies include

  • Video Engine with multi-channel, multi-thread, multi-screen capability

  • Live Video composition in real-time from HD video, Webcam, DV, and Cable TV

  • Rich and fast Programmable Shader with special Effects by using GPU

  • Embedded SQL Database for media management

  • Multi-Camera for video capature and processing in real-time

Neatware's innovated Mobile Technologies include

  • Snaml Book for mobile phone and tablet in iPhone/iPad and Android

  • Snaml for HTML5 for HTML5 programming


Neatware's Software Products with advanced technologies and trade-secrets are


Mobile Applications

  • Mobile Phone Organizer
  • Tablet HTML5 eBook
  • Mobile Internet Browser
  • Smart TV
  • Video Processing

  • Digital Signage
  • HD Broadcasting
  • Education and Learning
  • Home Theater
  • Cloud Media Center
  • Video Jockey (VJ)
  • Video Surveillance
  • Medical Video and Image
  • Screen Wall
  • Machine Vision
  • 3D Movie
  • Enterprise Applications

  • Application Integration
  • Test Automation
  • Rapid App Development
  • Network Testing
  • Device Testing
  • Neatware's software had been applied on Adputer Solution for Digital Signage by Adputer Inc. Adputer Solution consists of Adputer Player, Adputer Display, Adputer Network, and Adputer Station. Unlike normal Digital Signage Solutions, Adputer Solution applied innovate multi-channel video technology to make video contents and advertisings mixed in real-time and attractive audiences in various visual effects like movie. Remote management through embedded SQL database and wireless Internet is a stunning technology that is distinctive from other solutions.


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