Neatware has designed software for Wireless Sensor Control Network (WSCN) application by using MyrmecoX Studio.

  1. Mobile Catalog Book
  2. Neatware is able to help retail stores and manufactuers to build their mobile product catalog book app on mobile phone and tablet. By using Snaml Book Technology, consumers can easily preview and find the products they wanted from eCatalog book.

  3. Digital Signage Solution
  4. Neatware's Player and Mixer help Adputer Inc. to provide Adputer Digital Signage Solution with attractive advertising effects.

  5. Wireless Sensor and Control Network (WSCN) Solution

    Wireless Sensor and Control Network (WSCN) is a kind of Internet of Things. Neatware's WSCN Solution is a modules and developement kits for Wireless Sensor and Control Network (WSCN). The possible applications include temperature, humidity and light monitor; industry control; home automation, security, and alarming system.

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