Neatware provides WSCN 1000 Module, Sink, and Development Kit to help the development of Wireless Sensor and Control Network. WSCN 1000 Module with low-cost is for deployment and final application. WSCN 1000 Sink is used for development and testing with the convenient USB serial connection. WSCN 1000 Development Kit (DK) is the combination of modules, sinks, and software. Below is a picture of WSCN 1000 Sink.

WSCN 1000 Sink
  • 250kbps 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 wireless transceiver
  • Ultra low power consumption MSP430 microcontroller
  • Integrated light sensor (extra temperature/humidity)
  • Interface for ADC, DAC, Supply Voltage Supervisor
  • JTAG support for loader and debugger
  • Onboard antenna with 50m indoors / 125m outdoors
  • Optional external SMA anetenna
  • Support TinyOS Telosb platform

  • USB serial connection to Host
  • WSCN SDK: TinyOS 1.x/2.x, Cygwin, Java
  • WSCN Guide

Development Kit (DK)
  • 4 WSCN 1000 sinks
  • Two batteries and holders
  • JTAG MSP430 FET Flash Emulation Programmer
  • JTAG Adaptor
  • WSCN SDK: TinyOS 1.x/2.x, Cygwin, Java
  • WSCN Guide