1. Light Sensor

A photodiode is used to sense light.

2. Temperature Sensor

3. Humidty Sensor

4. Acceleration Sensor

The applications of acceleration sensors include fall detection, tilt control, portable electronics, vibration monitoring, sports diagnostics, anti-theft devices, appliance balance, earthquake detection, and car occupant safety.

An acceleration sensor may have X-axis, Z-axis, XY-axis, and XYZ-axis sensing.

Acceleration sensors can detect in different portfolio that ranges from 1.5g to 10g in the low-g, 40g to 100g in the medium-g, and 150g up to 250g in the high-g.

5. Pressure Sensor

The applications of pressure sensors include blood pressure, barometer, altimeter, engine control, HVAC applications, respiratory applications, drug delivery for inhalers, tire pressure, and water level monitoring.

6. Magnetic Sensor

magnetic field, electrical inc. bio-signals (ECG and EEG)

7. Acoustic Sensor

acoustic (microphone)