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1. Neatware Cloud Apps

1. Snaml Book for iPhone/iPad

Catalogue your interested web sites, one click read and traverse them on touch screen, Snaml Book is a Web Organizer, Navigator, and Browser for iPad. You can manage and navigate HTML5 pages, PDF documents, JPEG photos and H.264 movies easily through Snaml Book. a productivity app for iPad with AirPrint support.

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Snaml Card/Book is able to display content in landscape. Snaml Cross includes one central button around four directional buttons. The central button shows the brief message of the current page while other buttons display messages of neighbor pages. You can swipe in left, right, up and down to move a neighbor Page as the current Page.

One use case of Snaml Card/Book is to build personal Web Navigation Portal. For example, everyday you may need to check email from GMail and/or Hotmail; look at friends in Social Network like Facebook and Twitter; read global news from CNN, MSNBC; read sporting News on ESPN, NHL; watch videos on Youtube; search information on Google and Bing; play Games online and so on. You may possible visit web sites in foreign languages as well. The table below lists web sites in several catgories.

snaml book for ipad

Snaml Book 3.0 for iPad

EMAIL Gmail, Hotmail, ...
SEARCH Google, Bing, ...
SOCIAL    Facebook, Twitter, ...
SPORT ESPN, CBSSports, NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, US Open, Formula1, ...
VIDEO Youtube, Vimeo, ...
PHOTO Flickr, Photobucket, ...
MAP Foursquare, Google Map, Yahoo Map, ...
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Each row is defined as a Chapter; each item is defined as a Page. Entire Snaml Card is organized as a Book. To build a Snaml Card, you may add Gmail by going to gmail web URL address, click Snaml Cross button, then click the right button, which adds the URL to the next Page in the Email Chapter. After finished EMAIL Chapter, you may add Facebook by clicking the down button in the Snaml Cross, which adds the URL to the next Chapter.

Snaml Card/Book structure

snaml book structure

Snaml Card/Book is a dynamic structure. You can add and remove a Page at anytime. You can click one of four direction buttons (left, up, down, right) to navigate Snaml Card/Book one Page after another or jump to next Chapter. After pressing the Home button of iPhone/iPad, Snaml Card/Book is backup in the SSD.

2. Snaml Book for Android Tablet/Phone

snaml book for android The latest Snaml Book 2.0 is a Universal App for 2D Web Organization, 4-Way Web Navigation, and Web browsing. It is one App for nearly all Android devices from Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, Laptop, to TV; one App for all Android versions from 2.2 to 4.0 (Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwitch); one App for multiple platforms both ARM and X86 (the new supported platform). The Band/Filter UI and Preview by swiping make Snaml Book much easy to use.

What is Filter UI?

Photographers usually mount a len filter to absorb special light in certain frequency such as UV to generate special photo effects. There are various len filters. For example, the noise of a photo may be removed from filter by UV filter.

Filter UI is a User Interface of using light filter. It consists of three layers: widget, filter, and scene. Widget can be an image button or a text button in front of a user's eyes. A filter obstructs certain colors of scene to be watched. The layer of scene is the output of picture from a device.

snaml book for android

Filter UI

In Snaml Book a Fullscreen is divided into several fields. Each field is applied a light filter. The buttons of Snaml Cross are applied filters of red and blue for up/down and left/right buttons. Highlighted text widgets display site information. And the scene is current web site.

Filter UI is a kind of flat UI. It well integrated the operations of button touch and swipe. There are a little bit visual barries to swipe over 3D look buttons. So the flat Filter UI is suitable for touch screen operations on mobile phone and tablet.

3. Architecture

  • Snaml Book is a Group of Rings over a Torus.
  • snaml ring
  • Is the universe a doughnut?

    snaml book architecture

    "IN MATHEMATICS, A DOUGHNUT SHAPE is known as a torus, the three-dimensional generalisation of a ring. A ring lies in a single plane; so topologically speaking there is one closed path around it that lies just outside it (a loop around the ring)."

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