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Neatware 3D Shop Opened

February 12, 2017 Toronto. Neatware 3D Shop opened to demostrate the 3D printing objects generated by Neatware's Technology of Algorithm Gemometry in which various geometric shapes are formed by magic algorithms. You can also select 3D printing objects by colors, materials (plastics, silver, gold, .etc.), and size.

Neatware 3D Shop

Ladybug Mixer for Broadcasting Quality Live-Streaming

January 20, 2017 Toronto. LM (Ladybug Mixer) + OBS (Open Broadcast Software) Studio is a perfect combo for live-streaming apps with LM for mixing & effects and OBS for recording & streaming. Show professional, broadcasting quality live-streaming by Ladybug Mixer!

Ladybug Mixer and OBS for Live-Streaming

Happy New Year 2017!

January 1, 2017 Toronto. Alien designed by Neatware wishes a great and wonderful year 2017.

Alient from outspace

Snaml Theater: New Generation UI of Streaming TV

June 19, 2016 Toronto. Swipe change channel, tap switch category, click reload program, Snaml Theater allows you to watch and manage thousands TV Channels in ultra simple way on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. From 4-year-old kids to 80-year-old grantparents, they can select favorite Channels from their thumbs by swiping or tapping. Content Providers can also present as many as streaming Channels to audiences through Cloud management and storage. Snaml Theater

Snaml Theatre 3.0 for Windows 10 Released

October 22, 2015 Toronto. Targeted Windows 10 universal app, Neatware developed Snaml Theatre for Windows 10 to all size of screens of devices from Signage, Surface, XBox, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet to IoT. Snaml Theatre organizes media on 2D non-linear surface and allows users to navigate and browse easily. Available on Windows Store

Snaml Book for iOS 9 Available on App Store

October 16, 2015 Toronto. Neatware is pleasure to release Snaml Book 4.4 supports for iOS 9.0 on iPhone 6s and Plus, Apple Watch 2.0, and Swift 2. Snaml Book is a 2D organizer, a 4-way navigator, and a browser for Cloud apps. You can create, navigate and use cloud apps in Snaml Book like a real book with swipe curl effects. App Store

Snaml Book 4.0

SnamlScript Designed as Cloud App Generator

September. 2, 2015 Toronto. Targeted Cloud App development, Neatware upgraded SnamlScript 5.1 with new expression to generate HTML5 templates for large Cloud Applications. The highlight syntax of SnamlScript for Atom editor was implemented in cross platforms. Today SnamlScript is available as Open Source in GitHub. Open Source , Atom Package: language-snamlscript , SnamlScript Home

Snaml 3D Carousel for 3D Printing

June 5, 2015 Toronto. As a 3D model organizer, navigator, and viewer, Snaml 3D Carousel can easily add, zoom, and preview a group of 3D models in a circular carousel before you print a 3D model.

Each ring includes several objects while several rings construct a set of Snaml Carousel which can be stored and shared as a database file. Snaml 3D Carousel is perfect suitable for 3D model showcase as an eCommerce viewer of 3D printing. PDF Document , Download Demo

Snaml Theatre: A Media Center fo Windows 8.1

snaml theatre best windows 8 award

April 15, 2015 Toronto. Snaml Theatre, a touch media center for Windows 8.1 was upgraded today. Designed by cross carousel-style media navigator, Snaml Theatre organized media in Seasons and Episodes with 3D perspective view and resumable media player. User can simply swipe on four directions to naviage and play videos. Download trial, More details. Watch video. Simple, Instant, Resumeable ...

snaml theatre

Update Apr 15, 2015. Release 14. New Screenshots and bug fixed.
Update Apr 5, 2014. Auto loop playback function added for Digital Signage.
Update Feb 17, 2014. IR Remote Control is enabled for Windows 8 Home Theater PC.
Update Jan 27, 2014. Tested and rated by Best Windows 8 as 10/10.
Update Nov 25, 2013. Release 4 supports Windows 8.1 and continuous preview.
Update Aug 12, 2013. Release 3 added keyboard support and refined UI.
Release Dec 5, 2012 Release 1 touch media center for Window 8.0

Ladybug Player as a Universal Media Player

March 1, 2015 Toronto. New version 7.8 of Ladybug Player supports multi-tasking playback by simply double click videos. Setting Ladybug Player as a default player for a media type, you can play almost any video format such as 4K UltraHD (HEVC / H.265) video instantly. With excellent compatibility Ladybug Player 7.8 also supports almost any Windows platform from XP to Windows 10. more details.

Shows Car Technology in OCE Discovery

May 27, 2013 Toronto. Neatware exhibited Snaml Mobile Technology for Connected Car application in OCE Discovery Conference, Booth 1750, Toronto Convention Centre, on May 27-28, 2013. Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)'s Discovery is Canada's leading innovation-to-commercialization conference, showcasing leading-edge technologies, best practices and research in Ontario. Snaml Theatre 2.0