MyrmecoX Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for internet, enterprise, and wireless applications.

Q1. How to use MySQL, JRE, and ImageMagick with MyrmecoX Studio?
A1. When you install MySQL set root password to neatware. All samples of MyrmecoX Studio suppose that password as default. You can install MySQL database on any folders.

  • MySQL 4.1 Download

    You can skip the Sign up. To use the samples of MyrmecoX Studio, you need to set the root password to be neatware. It is better for you to install MySQL in its default fold.

    Test the sample in the folder htdocs/snaml/databasse/mysql to check MySQL connection.

  • JRE1.5 Download

    You need to install JRE 1.5 in its default folder. Otherwise you must change the PATH and CLASSPATH to use the Tclblend. Test tclblend eamples to see the Java applications.

  • ImageMagick Download

    Simply install ImageMagick on any folder will work.