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SQA - Software Quality Assurance

Tcl is excellent for Software Quality Assurance (SQA). By using tcltest package programmers can write their testing scripts rapidly under MyrmecoX for device, network, unit, regression, and stree testing. Below is a code clip for the use of tcltest.

# load tcltest package and define proc myproc.
package require tcltest

proc myproc {n} {
  if {[string match $n 0]} { 
    return "zero"
  } else {
    return "non-zero"
# test myproc with title sample-1.0 and comment "test a proc".
# the last parameter zero is the returned value of proc myproc.	
# when the returned value matches the value zero specified in
# the last parameter there is no error display otherwise dispaly
# an error message.
tcltest::test sample-1.0 {test a proc} {} {  
  myproc 0
} {zero}

Since you can easily generate a Tcl extension with C/C++ language by using xWizard, tcltest is good at the device and chip testing for hardware. Furthermore, by using the FTP, POP3, and SMTP packages in the MyrmecoX, you can rapidly develop scripts to test network connection with different protocols. In advanced, Tcl's socket command is best suitable for the testing of TCP/IP connection.

Unit test makes sure that software unit works on the specification.

Regression test makes sure that the combination of input parameters works right. By writing short Tcl script you can make the tedious testing task in automation. Developers can also use Tcl under MyrmecoX to test other applications with ActiveX Automation enabled such as LabVIEW and SAS.

Stress test simulates system's executation environment and test its performance and throughput.