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Keywords: VMWare , Linux , TinyOS

1. VMWare

Virtualization is a platform of dividing the resources of a computer into multiple exe- cution environments. VMware is an implementation of virtualization that allows multiple virtual machines work on one x86 PC simultaneously.

VMware may provide server consolidation, provisioning, disaster recovery, fault tolerance, load balancing, and serviceability on server side. On desktop side, VMware can provide development, testing, and deployment environments in one hardware infrastructure.

MyrmecoX Studio is an IDE for web platform. The IDE toolkits are optimized on Windows platform. However, the application foundations include all the virtual machines of the dynamic languages, web server, and database are cross-platform. Using VMware as a component, MyrmecoX Studio provides more benefits on

  • Environment Isolation: separate development, testing, and deployment environment.

  • Multiple Platform: develop on Windows X86 platform, test and deploy on Linux X86, ARM, MIPS platforms. One studio for server, desktop, laptop, and mobile applications.

  • Web Platform: testing on the network of virtual machines with powerful debugging and performance monitoring. You can run web server applications on Windows host and test them from a Linux virtual machine.

  • Team Work: architects, coders, testers can share results easily.

"To bring a new service online you have to go order the machine, install it in the server room, get it network-connected, make sure the power is there--it can be a multi-month process," VMware President Diane Greene Said, [By using VMware] "all they do is keep pre-built images of different software services like SQL Server, and when someone needs that service, they just find some excess capacity somewhere and deploy it."

MyrmecoX Studio Application Architecture

Web, Enterprise Applications

MyrmecoX Studio

OS [Windows, Linux, Mac OS, TinyOS]
Processor [X86, ARM, Xtensa, MIPS, MSP430, 8051]

Download Free VMWare Player for Windows.

2. Linux

Linux is a widely used open source operating system by many individuals and companies.

MyrmecoX Studio supports Linux through the VMware virtual machine. Developers can test real web platform through a web browser. Develpers can code a Snaml, PHP, or Tcl program on Windows and deploy it on Linux. The codes can be accessed through a server with an IP address on Linux.

3. TinyOS

TinyOS is a small OS for ultr-low power MCU applications such as Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).