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xWizard Usage

A C/C++ program can be easily wrapped with a Tcl extension. Extension Wizard (xWizard) will help you generate interface code for Tcl extensions. It can generate C/C++ object interface of loadable extension for Windows, Linux, and Unix. It can save you a lot of time to write a Tcl extension, for example, with thousands commands. xWizard is very easy to use.

Download xWizard

xWizard required tktable and tkwizard. To use xWizard you can run xwizard.tcl in the xwizard folder or in the samples/extension/xwizard folder of MyrmecoX Professional.

Suppose you have generated a MyPackage.cpp file with the xWizard 2.0, following steps show you how to create a project and compile MyPackage.cpp with VC++.

  1. Start VC++, Open File/New menu and Select
  2. New Project "Wind32 Dynamic-Link Library"; Project name: MyPackage; Location: samples/wizard

  3. Active Project/Add To Project/Files add file
  4. MyPackage.cpp

  5. Active Project/Setting/Link set
  6. In object/library modules add tclstub83.lib for stub enable lib or tcl83.lib for stubless lib