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MyrmecoX Studio for Tcl

Tcl Language and Core

    Read Tcl introduction => Here.

MyrmecoX Runtime for Tcl

  1. Database

  2. In MyrmecoX you can use Oracle database through Oratcl connector and other database such as DB2, SQL Server, and Access through ODBC connector. You can integrate the database, Java, and extensions within an application.

    SQLite 3.0 is a typeless SQL database that has been installed in MyrmecoX Studio as default. SQLite is small and suitable for embedded database. Check the example of SQLite => Here

    Oracle database connector oratcl is a special extension for ORACLE database in MyrmecoX. It allows you use special features of Oracle. Read oratcl example => Here

    You can connect to any database with ODBC driver with ODBC connector tclodbc in MyrmecoX. Since almost all the database like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, and MySQL support ODBC, you can use ODBC connector to access these database. Check ODBC example => Here

  3. COM

    COM is a Microsoft component standard on Windows. Many Windows applications such as Excel and Word provide COM Automation that allows third party developers to use the functions inside them. MyrmecoX Studio provides an COM connector to allow you apply COM components with Tcl. Check the COM examples => Here.

  4. GUI

    MyrmecoX Studio supports TK for rapid and dynamic GUI development for cross platforms. Beside Tk, BLT extension will help you generate wonderful and zoomable graph, barchart, and other curves for EDA and CAD applications. BWIDGETS extension allows you use advanced widgets. Finally ITCL and IWIDGETS may help you develop GUI applications in object-oriented model. Check the GUI examples => Here

  5. Multimedia

    MyrmecoX Studio integrated TclMagick and ImageMagick for image processing with Tcl. ImageMagick can convert image formats; resize, rotate, or add special effects to an image; build a thumbnail, transparent, and animation GIF image; draw text or objects over an image.

    You need to download and install ImageMagick and GhostScriptto make TclMagick work. Read the example of TclMagick => Here

  6. Network

  7. MyrmecoX Studio provides support for the development of client/server applications through network. The Execute wish item in the Build menu allows you run several clients and servers. The TCP/IP and Socket support in the Tcl makes you develop and test network applications easily and rapaidly. For example, you can write Tcl script for Cisco IOS gateways. Check the network example => Here.

  8. Data Mining

  9. Data Mining searches valuable information from large amount of data. Most of Data Mining vendors help businesses find information out of their databases. MyrmecoX Studio helps businesses to dig information from unstructural data such as files, emails, and biomedical data.

    MyrmecoX Studio supports large file processing for 64-bit processor and operating system, it can deal with biotech files, financial files, and media files over 2GB. The powerful and fast regular expression allows scripts to find the valuable patterns within MyrmecoX. The (Memory Mapping File) MMF Package allows very fast file processing inside the memory. For the example of large file processing look Here

  10. xWizard

  11. xWizard 1.0 has been released four years ago. It has showed great interest from many developers. The new xWizard 2.0 is a GUI version that allows anybody to generate a Tcl extension. xWizard aimed at the ease of the integration between Tcl and C. Check xWizard usage and download.

  12. Java

  13. You can use Java classes with the help of tclblend in MyrmecoX. Check Java examples =>Here.

MyrmecoX Applications for Tcl

  1. Automation

  2. By using tcltest package you can complete regression test for Java or other C++ packages. You can rapidly develop testing code under the MyrmecoX Studio to test serial port, Ethernet card, DSL/cable modem and other network devices. MyrmecoX Studio can also help developers to test switch, router, and embedded systems automatically.

    "Tcl, is a secret weapon used by large network hardware corporations to test their devices." by Michael J. Norton, Cisco Corp.

    You may use MyrmecoX to write and test scripts that complete the tasks of administarator. For example, you can write expect scripts to automating the configuration Cisco routers and switches under the MyrmecoX Studio in your notebook. So you can do remote and mobile configuration and testing.

  3. Quality Assurance (QA)

    Tcl is excellent for Quality Assurance (QA). By using tcltest package programmers can write their testing scripts rapidly under MyrmecoX for device, network, unit, regression, and stree testing. Read tcltest samples => Here

  4. EDA

  5. TCL is widely used for customizing and controlling EDA tools. MyrmecoX IDE provides a rapid development environment for EDA applications.

  6. LabVIEW

  7. By using MyrmecoX Studio developers can control LabView in automation with Tcl. So developers can integrate automated test programs of LabView with Tcl scripts. In this way LabView provides widely available drivers and Tcl with MyrmecoX provides flexible and powerful tools. Check LabVIEW samples => Here.

  8. SAS

  9. SAS is a software package for statistics. It provides an ActiveX automation server that allows Tcl access its services. Check SAS examples => Here.