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Broadband is also called high speed Internet sometimes. In addition to its fast speed of data transmission, broadband also has other advantages such as always-on. Usually broadband provides over 2Mb data transmit rate.

Several broadband services are: Cable, DSL, 3G wireless, and Fiber.

  • Cable uses the cable TV infrastructure to provide broadband Internet service.

  • DSL uses the cooper telephone line to provide fast internet access.

  • 3G wireless uses the air and base stations to provide fast data and voice access.

  • Fiber is the optical fiber network which has the fastest speed to transmit data.

Ladybug PlayerXP is well suitable for broadband applications because of its recognization of rich video formats, ease of use control, full screen support, and so on.

Downloadable Video

In broadband internet you can download a video clip in minutes instead of hours by 56k modem. And you could burn a video clip in your CDRW or DVD-R for your personal video library. Ladybug PlayerXP can help you play these videos with attractive effects at anytime.

Streaming Video

Streaming video works in the way that you can watch the video without download the entire video. It is convenient to many applications such as video conference and video broadcasting.