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We'd like share the success stories with our users. If you have good expericence with Ladybug Player please email us and we'd like to post here.

  1. K.D.

    "I want to thank you for your past help with Ladybug. I find the software is simple and elegant to use."

    "How do I control the associations with Ladybug? I would prefer that my MPGs, AVIs, etc. be associated with Ladybug and not Windows Media Player, for instance."


    "Visit our FAQ page to find the answer."

  2. A.B.

    "Thank you for your continued help. I downloaded two mpeg's from your site: NakedClock.mpg and Schnecky.mpg. Both of them worked very well using Ladybug."

  3. R.C.

    "I crashed 60 gogs worth of HDD. I will look some more...but I thought you would have a record of it under my e-mail address.....I definately paid for it though....I do not do unauthorized software."


    "I found your register number by your e-mail address in our customer database. It is ... You will be able to access our customer-only site later."

  4. D.M.

    "I'd love it if the Ladybug Player had the "Always on top" option. Then I could watch music videos in a small windowless window at the top right corner of the screen while I browse the web - very cool! Is this possible?

    Thanks - great job btw."


    "Ladybug Player XP has added the alway-on top selection."

  5. Humor

    User: I can't play Ladybug Player.

    Tech Support: So what do you do?

    User: I pressed the keys from F1 to F12 and suddenly it worked. Any magic for these F* keys?

    Tech Support: F2 play, F3 pause, F4 stop, F5 volume down, F6 volume up, F7/F8 change rate, and F1 call me!

User Comments

  1. J.M. "This is one of the classic arcade games that i love the most, it will be a real pleasure to play it again."

  2. G.X. "It is really fine piece of program."

  3. S.L. "Really it is very useful."

  4. N.M. "Great Solution."

  5. SP "I want to try your player as I'm very unsatisfied with the Windows XP media plyer."