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You can launch Ladybug Player XP along with a configure file. For example, you can launch Ladybug Player with your High-Definition video in fullscreen to demo- nstrate your business products.

There are two methods to set the configuration: by Ladybug Run XP or by Command Line.

I. Use Ladybug Run XP

Ladybug Run XP allows you launch Ladybug Player XP with customized configuration.

  1. Launch Ladybug Run XP.
  2. Add a new item by clicking the New button on the top.

  3. Click dot ... button on the right to initialize.

    You can select a video file from the Folder button and set other parameters.

  4. Click OK to save settings to a .inf file.

  5. Click the white space then the item is highlighted.
  6. Double click the selected item to play a video.
  7. Click the right mouse button on the highlighted item to modify the settings.

  8. Click Delet, Up, or Down buttons for necessary operations.

II. Use Command Line

You can also launch Ladybug PlayerXP in Run or command line:

LBXPFULL path\foo.mpg

It launches video foo.mpg in the path directory.

LBXPFULL path\foo.mpg /c .\LBXPCONF.ini

It launches video foo.mpg in the path directory. The /c is a tag that specifies the next parameter is a customize file. The customize file is LBXPCONF.ini which is located in the bin directory. You must declare the . (current directory or a full path) to use the customize file, otherwise Player will find the default customize file.

III. Customized File

Customized file has the extension .ini. It stores the control parameters for Ladybug PlayerXP in starting. The control parameters are divided into sections with the format [section_name]. Each section includes a series of key=value items. The default setting is


autoexit=false; keyboard=enable; nbar=enable; statusbar=show; fixed=true


orgx=200; orgy=200


mode=normal; width=640; height=480; orgx=200; orgy=100


loop=none; rate=1.0


volume=-1000; balance=0; mute=false




when it is true the player will terminate automatically after a video playback. The false will leave player in the interactive control.


it will enable keyboard access if the value is enable. The ESC will terminate the video playback. F1 is for help. F2, F3, F4 are for play, pause, and stop. F5 and F6 is for volume down and up. F7, F8 is for rate down and up. F9 sets the loop.


it will show the nbar if the value is enable, otherwise it will disable the nbar.


it will show the statusbar if the value is show, otherwise it will hide the statusbar.


this is the control of the window for a group of video playback. The value true will set all the window with the fixed size.



it defines the x position of the nbar. (unimplemented)


it defines the y position of the nbar. (unimplemented)



it specifies the mode of the starting window. The normal value shows a normal window with titlebar and statusbar. The windowless value specifies a window without regular window frames. The fullscreen shows the video in fullscreen.


width and height specify the width and height of the window.


orgx and orgy specify the orgin position of the window.



it controls the loop of one or a group of videos. The value none has no loop. The single will play an individual video in loop. The group will play a group of videos in loop.


it controls the rate of a video playback. The 1.0 represents normal speed. 0.5 represents half speed. 2.0 represents double speed.



it controls the volume of an audio. It has a signed long integer value. The default value is -1000.


it controls the balance of an audio. 0 is the middle value.


true value will mute the audio.

IV. Examples

  • One Click Launch Several Movies on Multiple Windows

    1. The customiziation by command line in Ladybug Player XP is required. The typical command format is

      LBXPFULL.exe  ..\media\video\neat.avi  /c  .\LBXPCONF.ini

      The first parameter is the executable Ladybug Player. The second parameter is the full path of your video file. The third parameter /c is the id for access control file. The last parameter .\LBXPXCONF.ini is the configure file.

    2. Open an DOS Command Console from Start\Programs\Accessories\ and change folder to

      cd "C:\Program Files\Neatware\Ladybug Player XP Full\bin" 
    3. To launch four videos simultaneously you can create four subdirectories as bin1, bin2, bin3, and bin4 under the bin directory. Then copy the files in bin to each bin1, ..., bin4. You need to create four configure files as Screen1.ini, Screen2.ini, Screen3.ini, and Screen4.ini. Suppose have four video files as 1.avi, 2.avi, 3.avi, and 4.avi under each binx directory. Following launch.bat file in bin directoy is described as

      set binpath1 "C:\Program files\Neatware\Ladybug Player XP\bin\bin1"
      set binpath2 "C:\Program files\Neatware\Ladybug Player XP\bin\bin2"
      set binpath3 "C:\Program files\Neatware\Ladybug Player XP\bin\bin3"
      set binpath4 "C:\Program files\Neatware\Ladybug Player XP\bin\bin4"
      start "$binpath1\LBXPFULL.exe" "$binpath1\1.avi" /c "$binpath1\Screen1.ini"
      start "$binpath2\LBXPFULL.exe" "$binpath2\2.avi" /c "$binpath2\Screen2.ini"
      start "$binpath3\LBXPFULL.exe" "$binpath3\3.avi" /c "$binpath3\Screen3.ini"
      start "$binpath4\LBXPFULL.exe" "$binpath4\4.avi" /c "$binpath4\Screen4.ini"
    4. So one click on launch.bat you can launch four Ladybug Player XP simultaneously. By using different Screen.ini file you can control windows size, position and control.

    DOWNLOAD sample configure files here.

  • Launch Several Videos on Multiple Screens

    This is similar to the above method. You need only specify the coordinate of the monitors.