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Ladybug Mixer
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Screen Wall

1. Screen Wall in Extended Mode

A Screen Wall is a surface that is constructed by multiple screens or LED modules. It can be any size in width and height. For example, a Screen Wall can be constructed by three HD Displays as a superwide display below. A softwre problem is to show multiple videos or pictures and project them on Screen Wall. That is the use of Ladybug Mixer Professional. Simply enlarge the window of LM Pro, you can show multi-channel videos on Screen Wall in extend mode of multiple display.

Three Videos Blended to Generate a Super-Wide Video by Ladybug Mixer Pro

2. Screen Wall in Multiple Adaptor

An architect wanted to present his creative design on a super-large screen. He bought 2 GPU graphics card X2 with 4 display ports and connected them to 4 projectors. He expected that his ultra-high definition video/pictures were displayed on the super-large composited screens. Unfortunately, it did not work. Why? There was no driver in his graphics card to support span model. His design is only 2x2. How about 4*4 and more?

Screen Wall is a matrix of screen with m rows and n columns. Dual screen can be 1x2, trio screen can be 1x3, and quad screen can be 2x2. Generally we can use m*n uniform screens to construct a m*n Screen Wall. In the following paragraph 2x2 Screen Wall is used as an example to demonstrate the application of Ladybug Mixer Professional.

Each Ladybug Mixer can display one tile of a Screen Wall because Ladybug Mixer is multi-tasking capable.

To play video on 2x2 Screen Wall you need 4 display ports on video cards. When a graphics card with 4 ports supports span mode, it can display any frames on 2x2 screen as whole. However there are limitations for many graphics card. They may only provide independent mode for each monitor to display.

Ladybug Mixer Professional can suvdivide a video frame into m*n areas by a shader. Since Ladybug Mixer can work in multi-taking, we can launch mxn Ladybug Mixers simultaneously. Each Mixer is going to display a part of frame on each monitor by adapter id with a suitable effect shader.

Ladybug Mixer for Screen Wall

    It can be easily implemented by using command line console.

  • Command Line Parameters

    Here is the command line parameters of Ladybug Mixer.

    -adapter:# forces app to use this adapter(monitor) # (fails if the adapter doesn't exist)
  • Command Line Control

    The format of command line is like

    command	config-file parameters

    You can save "Screen0" as the file name when you are running Ladybug Mixer Pro and select shader as "Screen1 Quad" and select channel as 1. In the same way save "Screen1" as the file name when you are running Ladybug Mixer Pro and select shader as "Screen2 Quad" and select channel as 2. The "Screen2" and "Screen3" are saved in the same way. The command line batch file for 2x2 videos looks like

    "AppPath\Ladybug Mixer.exe" "ConfigPath\Screen0.nwm" -adapter:0
    "AppPath\Ladybug Mixer.exe" "ConfigPath\Screen1.nwm" -adapter:1 
    "AppPath\Ladybug Mixer.exe" "ConfigPath\Screen2.nwm" -adapter:2 
    "AppPath\Ladybug Mixer.exe" "ConfigPath\Screen3.nwm" -adapter:3
    For example, AppPath and ConfigPath can be
    AppPath = "C:\Program Files\Neatware\Ladybug Mixer Professional\host\Ladybug Mixer.exe"
    ConfigPath = "C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\Neatware\Ladybug Mixer\Screen0.nwm"

    The index number of an adapter is the id of a screen. Each video/picture will be displayed on each monitor in fullscreen.

A zone blending picture of 3 Cherry Blossoms with saturated light and vivid color by Ladybug Mixer Pro.


Screen Wall can be constructed by LCD, Plasma, LED, OLED screens and Projectors. Usually it is hard to make a very large screen without defects. Multiple Screen Wall is a way to construct an extra large size display.