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Ladybug Mixer
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  • How to add and use IP Camera in Ladybug Mixer? new
  • There is a third party software allows you to add IP cameras that Ladybug Mixer can recognize. The IP Camera must generte MJPEG/JPEG as source filter of DirectShow in Windows. Below is the URLs of introduction:

    Note: you must set the width and height of video to be the same as the original dimension video of camera.

    After setting, you can find the camera name in the channel list of Ladybug Mixer. You can double click to start the camera. Only one camera can be used in one channel. To release a camera you can double click anyone media file in that channel list.

  • Why called Ladybug Mixer?
  • Ladybug Mixer * explored the performance and the programmability of GPU to achieve visual special effects of multi-channel videos in real-time. Ladybug Mixer * can run on Windows XP/Vista/7/Server 2008. The naming of Ladybug Mixer represents that multiple videos can be compsosited in parallel.

  • What are the special features of Ladybug Mixer?
  • The special functions of Ladybug Mixer allow users to work for niche applications.

    • Multiple Players on Windows

      Save multiple customized .nwm files and launch multiple players.

    • Multiple Monitor Support

      Span windows of players over multiple monitors

    • Super Wide Screen Support

      Special effects can display multiple videos in irregular size of screen

    • Super HD Video Support

      Display upto 8K x 8K Super HD resolution on DirectX 10+ graphics cards.

    • Full HD Support

      1080p video support based on multi-core CPU.

    • Streaming Video via Network

      Play videos in the Shared Files through WiFi or Ethernet network in LAN

  • Can I apply Ladybug Mixer for video post-processing?
  • Absolutely, by using the programmable pixel shader, Ladybug Mixer * can complete the video special effects in real-time. In Professional and Enterprise Editions, Users can design their own shaders with HLSL language and compiler in FX Effects.

  • What DirectX version I need to install?
  • Ladybug Mixer supports the latest DirectX 9.0c (2004 Summer Upgrade, 7/26/2004) or later. To use Shader Model 3.0 or 2.0x, the DX9.0c is required. DX9.0c is pre-installed on Windows XP SP2 and Vista.

  • What is the difference between True Fullscreen and Frameless Fullscreen?
  • True Fullscreen is a special display mode with the display exclusively belonging to your application. The performance and image quality are high in True Fullscreen and its resolution dependents on the graphics adapter. Almost all the games use True Fullscreen.

    Frameless Fullscreen is a borderless window in screen size. Windows Media Player and many other players used this mode for fullscreen. At present Ladybug Mixer supports True Fullscreen that is better for movie watching and video effects.

  • How Ladybug Mixer distinguish from other players?
  • There are many media players available such as Microsoft's Media Player, Apple's QuickTime, and Real Network's RealPlayer .etc. All of them are just single channel media player. Ladybug Mixer is a media mxier that supports multiple channels.

    Ladybug Mixer adapts true fullscreen and supports programmable shader with HLSL up to Shader Model 3.0 with FX effects. In addition, it can play multiple videos simultaneously by using the multithread engine inside the Ladybug Mixer. 3D graphics, programmable shader, and multiple video playbacks all are lacked features in the current media players.

  • Where to download WMV codec?
  • New Windows XP SP2 will include Windows Media 9 Series with WMV codec as default. You can download and install Windows Media 9 Series with WMV/WMA codec in the Microsoft web site.

  • Where to download MP4, AVI, DTS codec?
  • There are many codec packages available. Ladybug Mixer * support FFDShow and K-Lite Codec Pack. You may need to select FFDShow code when there is a video window pop up.

  • Any movie trailers available to test the Ladybug Mixer?
  • You may download HD WMV videos on the Microsoft web site.

  • Why many-core processor is suitable for video mixing?
  • Many-core is the processor that includes more than 4 cores inside a processor chip

    • There are many video streams, graphs, and codecs running in the video mixing.
    • Each video graph is irrelevant before the mixing.
    • Each video graph is implemented in independent threads.
    • Each core can execute a graph in parallel.
    • Hardware Acceleration Units are limited.

  • Why GPU is good at video mixing in the post-processing
    • High throughput between GPU and Video Memory
    • High parallel processing
    • Programmable video mixer
    • Post-Processing effects in real-time

  • How to change file associations in Windows?
  • Click Here

  • How to Change Shortcut to Administrator in Windows Vista?
  • You may double click the shortcut of Ladybug Mixer but a message is required to be an administrator in Windows Vista. This is belong to Windows Vista that has added more security checking. You can click the right mosue button on the shortcut and change it to Adminstrator. Then you can double click shortcut to launch Ladybug Mixer.

  • How to mix PowerPoint/OpneOffice slide in Ladybug Mixer?
    1. Create a slide in PowerPoint/OpenOffice

      • Set slide background to green
      • Insert and edit text or bar graph in PowerPoint/OpenOffice
      • Export slide as a series of BMP files

    2. Mix video and PowerPoint/OpenOffice images

      • Add slide image series into first channel of Ladybug Mixer
      • Add video into and second channel and select it
      • Select green screen shader and adjust alpha bar to have best effect

    3. Design a script to play Ladybug Mixer in automation

  • How to get a snapshot of Ladybug Mixer?
  • You can press Print Screen Key to get a fullscreen snapshot.

    • Press Print Screen key
    • Open Paint program in Start
    • Paste by Ctrl+V or Edit Paste in Paint
    • Save As ... in Paint File
    • Upload for web publishing

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