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Ladybug Mixer
   §  Introduction
   §  Architecture
   §  Document (PDF)
   §  FAQ
   §  Versions

   §  Video Processing
   §  Video Presentation
   §  Digital Signage
   §  Video Jockey VJ
   §  Surveillance
   §  Home Theater
   §  Screen Wall
   §  Stream Computing

   §  Configuration
   §  Script Control
   §  Download Demo

SQLite Database

NWM File

To save the result of customized Ladybug Mixer settings, you can store the configuration in an .nwm file : an SQLite database. You can use SQLite Database Manager to modify .nwm file in offline. In addition, you can code your own sql program to generate .nwm file automatically.

Later you can double click the .nwm shortcut or launch the player in a command line as the following format:

"FullPath\Ladybug Mixer.exe" [FullPath\your.nwm] [-fullscreen]

If there is no your.nwm specification Ladybug Mixer will be launched along with the default nwm file stored in the data subdirectory of the installation. The parameter -fullscreen specifies to launch the player in fullscreen.

You can use the command line of the player alone with Visual Basica, C++, Python and other languages. And you can launch Ladybug Mixer in an application such as PowerPoint.

NWM Database Manager

There are many SQLite database managers. SQLite Manager Add-on for Firefox brower is a free and easy to use sqlite manager that can help you access and modify .nwm file.

NWM SQL Database Tables

NWM consists of several SQL tables.

CREATE TABLE tb_control(
	key          integer primary key,
	channel      integer,
	play         integer,
	stop         integer,
	loop         integer,
	volume       integer,
	mute         integer,
	curfile      integer,
	curpos       integer,
	name         text,
	path         text

tb_control is the table for media playback control for all the channels.

CREATE TABLE tb_language(
	key          integer primary key,
	name         text,
	selection    integer

tb_language is the table for language selection.

CREATE TABLE tb_others(
	key          integer primary key,
	visible      integer,
	fullscreen   integer,
	orgx         integer,
	orgy         integer,
	width        integer,
	height       integer,
	title        text,
	REF          integer,
	ChangeDevice integer

tb_others is the table for window's control.

CREATE TABLE tb_shader(
	key          integer primary key,
	name         text,
	internal     text,
	selection    integer

tb_shader is the table for shader control.

CREATE TABLE tb_ticker(
	key          integer primary key,
	visible      integer,
	script       text

tb_ticker is the table for ticker processing.