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Ladybug Mixer
   §  Introduction
   §  Architecture
   §  Document (PDF)
   §  FAQ
   §  Versions

   §  Video Processing
   §  Video Presentation
   §  Digital Signage
   §  Video Jockey VJ
   §  Surveillance
   §  Home Theater
   §  Screen Wall
   §  Stream Computing

   §  Configuration
   §  Script Control
   §  Download Demo

VJ Control

A Video Jockey (VJ), similar to Disk Jockey (DJ) is an visual artist or a live visual performer who mixes videos to generate special effects.

A major function for VJ is the real-time playback control and effects switching. The flat, transparent, and instant GUI of Ladybug Mixer provides VJ many controls such as play/pause, volume, and effects.

The ticker in the Ladybug Mixer allows you to input scripts while the video is been playing. Then the text scripts will be scrolled from right to left at the bottom. So a VJ can inform audiences without interrupt the music and video playback.